Plastics continue to be a both a burden on landfills and ecosystems and a desirable material to recycle and reprocess. If your company generates plastic waste, Premier Recycling Services can help you benefit our planet and yourself, by turning your cost to dispose of plastic refuse into a new source of revenue.

Isn’t it time for you to profit from our 15+ years of plastics recycling¬† know-how? We’ve developed strong relationships with both domestic and international mills, enabling us to provide you with competitive purchase prices and consistent movement. We’re ready to purchase your plastic material in any form or quantity, including: nylon, PETG, PET, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PC, PS, ABS, PVC rigids, PVC flexible, wide spec pellets, silicone release liners, and post consumer’s 1-7.

Common form factors are: plastic bottles, stretch film, film and paper with adhesive, plastic bags, fencing, pipe, packaging material, strapping, plastic toys, and crates and drums – yet Premier can accommodate nearly anything. If you are not sure about the recyclability of an item just ask and we will have an answer back to you promptly.

Premier’s plastics recycling programs offer:

  • collection service
  • equipment installations
  • recycling storage receptacles
  • monthly tonnage report
  • prompt payment

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